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Brackets Autoligables

Thursday, June 24th, 2010

In recent years, has been written and much discussed by some practitioners of orthodontics on the self-ligating brackets using, saying that the treatment time decreases and that many of these treatments can be performed without tooth extractions in patients.
Well, I must say that, according to my friend and colleague Dr. Steve Marshall de Chicago , Professor at Universidad de Iowa, in his lecture of the Society of American Angle, Chicago 2010 ” Brackets Autoligables: Facts and Fictions” concludes that the patient's treatment time is the same as with other conventional brackets, this only depends on the friction of the bow into the slot of the bracket ; extractions of teeth that depend on the clinical diagnosis and the type of brackets used, even these create a dental expansion ( and skeletal) often do not want and if so there is a strong tendency to relapse due to lack of torque or torsion of the tooth axis.
These self-ligating are much more expensive than conventional ones and therefore the patient affects the cost of these brackets that are three times more expensive.
Only showed that the chair time for the patient is reduced 20 seconds / Arcade. Therefore, this is considered only a business for the multinationals that sell a product and some other professionals interested in marketing.
Also say that, more than 25 years are using these self-ligating, or not new, new technology or the use of these devices; such as brackets SPEED, being its referent Dr. David Musich de Chicago, professor at the University of Pennsylvania and Dr.. Donald Woodside, catedratico de la Universidad de Toronto, Canada.
For more information see the article published in the AJODO, “Readers Forum”, August 2010, Volume 138, Number 2, pages 128-131.