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Meeting of the Society of Angle, U.S.. 2011

Wednesday, March 9th, 2011

Dr. McNamara

The scientific program of the last meeting of the Angle Society was a broad agenda, and lecturers , as might be expected at these meetings, the highest prestige and level. Dr. Jim Mc Namara, Y professor at Universidad de Michigan Catedratico, Ann Arbor,I mean the media spotlight to prepare scientific exhibits, multiple communications between professionals, or, updating all of the newest operating systems ( windows 7), also of different types of files like pptx, the ppxs and PDF. Also discussed different forms of design, animations, visual, formats and transparency; everything to seek excellence in clinical work and its presentation. The department headed by Jim is recognized worldwide for his studies and research in growth and development, and is currently one of the most significant scientists in the field of orthodontics.

Dr. Roberts

Always a pleasure to share with Dr.. Gene Roberts their knowledge of bone biology and implants for orthodontic anchorage, being a pioneer in the TAD `S ( Temporary Anchorage Device). Dr. Roberts has been Professor and Chair of the University of Indiana , Department of Orthodontics and has greater recognition in all doctoral theses on the biology of tooth movement and its attached.

Dr. Vaden

Dr. Bets

Dr. Jim Bets, Professor at Universidad de Tennessee, President of the American Boards of Orthodontists and the Tweed Foundation, presented clinical results after 24 years of orthodontic treatment. In his presentation expressed his renowned reputation as one of the best clinics in the U.S..

Dr. Mark Hans

Dr. Hans Mark present the comunicacion ” And clinical use of Cone Beam Computer Tomography(CBCT) for routine diagnosis and treatment plan”. In this presentation shows how you can know the degree of tilt and torsion of the anterior and posterior, and in turn, can calculate the degrees needed to be applied to each tooth in function of what the case requires,knowing by visualization of three-dimensional image the patient has few degrees in each of their teeth. Dr. Hans is professor and head of orthodontics at the University Case Western Reserve, Cleveland; This department has always been a pioneer in diagnostic imaging because it has attached the Broadbent Bolton Center, which is one of the centers of growth and development of the U.S. major.

Dr. Kulbersh

Dr. Kulbersh

Dr. Richard Kulbersh, Professor and Head of the University of Detroit Mercy, delight us with a masterly lecture on CBCT ( Cone Beam Computer Tomography) and its use to test a three-dimensional condyle position in centric relation; this fascinating subject of the ATM ( Temporomandibular joint)and occlusion is a favorite of Dr.. Kulbersh.

Dr. Sarver

Dr. Sarver

Dr. David Sarver, Associate Professor at the University of North Carolina, Especialista en la facial aesthetics , is one of clinical excellence in the field of orthodontics and also a great researcher. Here we see the Q of the speaker.