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In addition to these 12 first-hand advice, There are many other tips and advice that would have to give each patient individually for each problem.

1) The child's first visit to the dentist to make it to the age of 3 ó 4 years and the first visit to the orthodontist at the age or 5 ó 6 years old.

2) At 6 old do you control the eruption of first permanent molars and sealed to prevent decay and have healthy teeth throughout life.

3) The beginning of orthodontics at an early age, to 8 or 9 years old, even with teeth, implies that we need not perform tooth extractions in a child 93% case, so lips do not sink and maintain a good profile of the face.

4) In children without braces or removable appliances, periodic revisions, hygiene and fluoridation each 6 months.

5) In children with braces, periodic revisions, hygiene and fluoridation each 3 or 4 months, according to the plaque index.

6) Always brush your teeth after every meal, and above, at night using dental floss and fluoride rinses. (see Figures)

7) At the age of 20 years old, A review and a panoramic radiograph, to see the wisdom teeth which are unable to erupt and other possible pathologies.

8) At the age of 40 years old, to review and serial radiographs periapical periodontal, to rule out a problem gums and alveolar bone.

9) Cavities are the main problem in the child, and alveolar bone loss, the bone that holds the tooth, is the main problem in the adult.

10) In adults with healthy gums and hygiene make revisions every 6 meses, and in adults with periodontal disease, lack of bone that holds the tooth, each 3 or 4 mesmonths

11) In the case of tooth loss, replace that part as soon as possible either with implants or bridges, to avoid mobilization of the other teeth, and therefore a traumatic occlusion would accelerate the loss of other parts and causing problems in the jaw joint.

12) Implants are used to restore teeth, and get a good chewing and aesthetics. This requires a good level of alveolar bone, if there is no bone there to do a bone graft or orthodontics to generate healthy bone.

Toothbrushing step

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