Distribution areas

Font Clinic is perhaps one of the best dental clinics in Europe; designed by architect Marvin Cutler, Arizona, EEUU, designer of the dental clinics of the most famous U.S. professional.

Distribution of physical spaces:The clinic is distributed 2 main areas, the child and adult, which are separated by the different components of clinical:3 receptions 1 administration, children's waiting room, waiting room for adults, room diagnosis, 5 surgical clinics for various specialties, radiology, 1 laboratory, 1 records room and 3 sterilization areas.


-Orthodontics and Medical Director: Dr. Andres Font

Dr. Andres Font

-Y conservative dentist: Dra. Andrea Domke

Pull. Andrea Domke

Dr. Hilario Corvalan

-Maxillofacial surgery and implants: Dr. Hassan Hamdan

Dr. Hassan Hamdan

Clinical Team:
-Clinical supervisor and higiene: Maribel Juan
-Aids clinic: Maite Aroca, Claudia Penagos, Inmaculada Sampedro
-Dental hygiene and prophylaxis: Maribel Juan, Maria Fulleda

Management Team:
-Administration and Accounting Supervisor: Garcia Omaida
-Administrative Assistants: Esther Lisalde, Maria Fulleda

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